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Financial Services IT Solutions

IT services for the financial industry must deliver on the promise of 24×7 uptime and availability, while assuring customers of the security and confidentiality of their sensitive personal and investment information. 

High Availability and Performance

Your customers and brokers demand technology that performs with the speed and reliability that ensure against disruption of their trading activities. By leveraging highly compliant private and public cloud hosting services from industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Armor, Broadwalk IT Solutions will architect a custom solution designed to meet your unique regulatory, security and operational requirements.

A Foundation of Security

Our outsourced , and fully managed security solutions provide your financial services firm with a comprehensive suite of auditable controls that support the security and integrity of your firm and client’s critical information assets. From endpoint and server protection, host-based intrusion prevention, detection, and response, to 24×7 security information event management and monitoring, Broadwalk IT will tailor a customized, defense-in-depth approach to protection of your network and business critical systems.

Designed for Auditability

Every managed security and IT service delivered by Broadwalk IT, and its technology services partners , includes centralized management, alerting and ongoing reporting. Being able to substantiate under audit that your organization has effectively deployed a security control, is actively managing its operations, and is monitoring and remediating incidents, is at the core of EVERY service we recommend, and that our partnered firms deliver.

Enhancing Productivity

Our outsourced technology partners are selected based upon their ability to ensure your business critical systems remain operational,  high secure , and at the peak of performance. By actively monitoring bandwidth utilization, compute and storage resource utilization, and both operating and application event logs, the network operations center (NOC) can proactively remediate issues that would otherwise impair the performance of your systems. Both your staff and customers will be able to leverage high performing, highly available systems that give your firm an edge over the competition.