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Healthcare IT Solutions

Today’s healthcare providers focus their attention on the patient care experience, and delivering medical services that will enhance the health and wellness of their patients. These same organizations, however, are faced with  the ever increasing burden of supporting  complex technology solutions and the administrative, physical and technical controls required for their compliance under HIPAA regulation.

 Protecting Sensitive Data and e-PHI

Maintaining the integrity and availability of critical patient data, and both the information systems and medical devices that support the delivery of patient care, is vital part of building a successful practice. Whether you are a primary care physician, dental or radiological practice, Broadwalk IT and its technology partners can help you manage and safeguard your data, and systems,  to ensure secure and uninterrupted delivery of your patient services. 


Whether it is the ability to quickly recover lost or damaged data, or services to guarantee the rapid restoration of critical systems or services, Broadwalk IT will design a solution that uniquely addresses the uptime and availability requirements of your growing practice.


Outsourced or Co-Managed IT ~ Reducing Costs & Increasing Efficiency


While delivering the highest levels of patient care and assuring the best patient outcomes is the mission for most practices, ours is to deliver the correct form and combination of IT solutions that leverage, where possible, the availability of technology skills within your organization.


 If technology staffing has not been within reach of your organization’s budget, Broadwalk IT can recommend cost efficient, completely outsourced solutions and services designed to eliminate staffing, reduce operating costs, and assure security and compliance under HIPAA-specific regulation.


Healthcare Compliance as a Service ~ Avoiding  fines & Instilling  patient confidence


Most healthcare providers are unfamiliar with their compliance obligations under HIPAA regulation, and many are unaware that they must address the assessment of risk on an annual basis, as well as establish a path towards gap remediation when shortcomings are uncovered during the security risk assessment (“SRA”) process. These same healthcare  practices may also be unaware of the great risks posed by their failure to properly assess risk, as a successful breach of patient information would likely bankrupt a practice or at least severely erode the confidence of the patient base they have spent so many years actively cultivating.


Broadwalk IT’s trained and certified healthcare security specialists are in a position to assist your practice in completion of this annually mandated SRA as well as manage the risk and compliance management program necessary to bring the organization into tighter compliance. Our HIPAA compliance as a service is a co-managed program designed to assess the current state of the practice’s security risk posture , while developing a comprehensive plan, policies and procedures to achieve the required levels of security and compliance under HIPAA regulations.