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Broadwalk IT Solutions’  Compliance-as-a-Service (“CaaS”) Program is custom engineered to address your organization’s specific compliance requirements.  Key features of our managed  compliance service include: 

    • Periodic performance of IT,  Security Risk and Vulnerability assessments to identify security and compliance gaps.
    • Bundled and outsourced monthly services to remediate those detected gaps in internal controls and to address your ongoing compliance obligations.
    • Policies, procedures and periodic training of your staff in order to maintain a secure and compliant posture.
    • Elimination of the administrative burden of running and managing a compliance program,  while enabling your team to focus on delivering exceptional client/customer care and service.

Today’s modern organizations are quite often required to comply with multiple regulations and standards such as HIPAA/HITECH, PCI-DSS, GLBA, FINRA, NYS SHIELDS and DFS, GDPR as well as others. Additionally, as the breadth and depth of these compliance obligations grow,  internal IT and compliance staff often find themselves stretched to their virtual limits as these same team members lack the necessary technical expertise to identify all of the organization’s compliance gaps and security vulnerabilities. 

Failure to comply with most of these regulations or standards further exposes the organization to significant financial penalties (including regulatory fines and sensuring) as well as threatens the viability of your business due to the potential for reputational harm that often results from a failure to take the necessary due care and due diligence precautions in protection of sensitive patient or client data.

These are challenges faced by the most seasoned and technically staffed organizations and Broadwalk IT’s Compliance as a Service (“CaaS”) Program has been specifically formulated to take into account the extent of your current internal controls, while leveraging the existing skills and experience of your full-time staff in the remediation and compliance management  process.

What is Compliance as a Service (CaaS)?

Our Compliance as a Service Program is a custom-made and delivered solution designed to ensure that your organization stays compliant with the regulations and standards that specifically apply to you. Maintaining confidentiality of your client’s and patient data, assuring the integrity of your systems and data, and guaranteeing the ongoing availability of your vital systems and services,  is now more important than ever. To remain competitive, as well as compliant, our clients benefit from a CaaS solution that is bundled as an outsourced compliance solution,  for a fixed and predictable monthly fee,  to address these challenges..

What are some of the benefits of a Compliance as a Service (CaaS) Program ?

The Broadwalk IT Solutions  Compliance as a Service Program is designed to address the critical regulatory requirements mandated by your industry’s regulatory oversight. Our customized program enables you to outsource the necessary assessment and gap remediation planning tools while lowering the costs, reducing the time, and eliminating the complexities of running an in-house compliance program. .

Unique Compliance as a Service program modules are available to support the specific frameworks of  HIPAA, PCI-DSS, NIST CSF, FINRA, NFA, Cyber Insurance and NYS DFS (just to name a few), along with having specialized capabilities in the areas of vulnerability assessment, business impact analysis, disaster and continuity planning, training and certification, as well as including audit tools for your internal controls and their evaluation for compliance.. 

The specific benefits of one of Broadwalk’s sample Compliance-as-a-Service programs include:

    • Mandated Security Risk Assessment Questionnaires –  Whether your organization is under an obligation to comply with HIPAA, PCI-DSS or the NIST framework, our compliance program modules include a comprehensive set of risk assessment questions designed to map back to each of the compliance framework’s required controls citations .
    • Vulnerability scanning and Gap Identification – Our CaaS includes a periodic internal and external scan of all network and perimeter devices against a internationally recognized database of known vulnerabilities.
    • Endpoint Management and Protection – This CaaS module includes the latest in file and fileless malware detection and prevention, endpoint firewall and intrusion prevention, web filtering, device control, as well as Windows and 3rd Party patch management.
    • Managed Email and File Encryption – Modular agents and gateways to enforce full-disk and message encryption ~ avoiding data loss and ensuring confidentiality of sensitive information.
    • Managed Perimeter and Cloud Security – Includes a managed firewall (including unified threat management (“UTM”))  and DNS security solution
    • Gap Remediation Planning, Policies and Procedures Documentation.
    • Off-Site Backup and Recovery – Cloud data backup, archiving and e-discovery to meet regulatory retention and business continuity requirements. Optional onsite “fast-recovery” appliance for rapid spin-up of business critical servers and applications.
    • Custom services to address specific  gaps detected in your organizations IT and information security controls

How do I know if I need a Compliance as a Service program?

As the average small to mid-sized organization  frequently lacks the internal technical and compliance resources, as well as expertise,  to audit and manage their compliance requirements, the outsourcing of these risk assessment and compliance duties and tools can save significant time and money. Instead of using costly and valuable internal staff resources for managing a risk and compliance program, your organization can refocus its human resources where they are of higher strategic value  – delivering exceptional  client, patient or customer service..

How does the CaaS Solution work?

Our Compliance as a Service Program establishes a baseline for conducting your annual security risk assessment as well as  the ongoing management and technical activities required for success of the  program through the use of a secure, cloud hosted software solution. This software-as-a-service (“Saas”) tool gathers in the results of your vulnerability assessments , security risk analyses, policies and controls reporting from within your organization, and across all sites and locations. Supporting services such as those identified earlier (e.g endpoint protection , backup and recovery) are monitored and periodically audited and evaluated to ensure that your internal controls processes and systems remain in a state of full compliance with all relevant regulations.